Professional Info

• Developing and Programming ARM and RISC MCUs and system on chip solutions
• Solid experience in coding and debugging in C/C++ - C# - Python - JSON on several IDEs and under multi-platform MacOS - Linux - Win along with Version control
• Designing CAD/CAM electronic diagrams and PCB using AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Altium
• Intensive laboratory experience and working with high end workbench equipment
• Analysing and testing implementation for a variety of electrical and electronic components along with DUTs and evaluation systems and equipment, technical reports, testing new devices or materials for recommendation and rejection

Work Experience

Embedded and Systems programmer       Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH)

2020 February - present

• Firmware and API Development for ARM MCU in C/C++
• Design schematic diagrams and PCB
• Program Crestron Processors Simpl# Pro C# Visual Studio
• Integrate PDUs - Lighting - AV Systems
• Provide technical support to the programming team
• Prototype solutions and 3D model the product using AutoCAD and Fusion 360
• TCP/UDP Sockets, HTTP/HTTPS, Cryptography, and security server/client for embedded systems
• Developing and debugging framework software

Embedded and Control Systems Programmer   Freelancer

2019 September - 2020 January

• Design and develop embedded solutions based on ARM MCU for luxurious projects
• Design, configure, and program KNX systems
• integrating KNX systems with ELAN and 3rd party systems, intercom, IP Telephone
• Design the Single line diagrams (Block diagrams), DIN-RAIL layouts for Crestron and KNX systems, Design RACK layouts, Control layouts using AutoCAD

Taalstudent                                                        Taalhuis

2019 June - 2019 September

Embedded Systems Designer             Armada Company LTD

2012 October - 2019 January

• Programming RISC and ARM MCU and Logic modules
• Develop and design control systems
• Providing regional technical support for site engineers
• Lead the technical team to implement sites’ tasks
• Design electrical shop drawings schematics and PCB
• Select the hardware and estimate quantities
• Conduct technical meetings in the region and abroad to address technical difficulties
• Deliver up to date technology as R&D at the laboratory
• Implementing electrical and photometric simulation

• Designing ARM based solution for automation systems.
• Select and specify hardware and equipment.
• Generating technical reports, test and analysis results based in the laboratory for DUTs and evaluation boards
• Developing instructions for usage
• Designing shop drawing using AutoCAD, schematics and PCB Cadsoft Eagle
• Electronic and photometric simulation
• Technical support using diagnostic and service manuals
• Testing, commissioning, and programming automation and lighting management system

• ARM based solutions and Multi-Standards Systems Integrator & Programmer
• Designing 2D AutoCAD shop drawings
• Technicality lecturer for Automation Systems

Multi Standards Technical Designer

Electronic Engineering and MCU Developer


University of Amsterdam (UvA)

2021 - 2021

Dutch Language

Institute for Dutch Language Education

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Hogeschool Utrecht)

2019 - 2019

Advanced Bachelor in Process Mining

Information and Communication Technology

Damascus University

Technical Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Damascus

2009 - 2011

Technical Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Telecommunications